"Our guiding ideal is things were better back before we were on speaking terms with the fucking Diaspora."- Shell Lotz, Episode 02: Soldier Game

The Weightless were an OriCon mercenary group based on Counterweight lead by Tea Kenridge. They were founded by survivors of the Queen's Gambit and have a strong anti-Diasporatic and anti-Weight leaning.

They have clashed with the Chime during the kidnapping of Cene Sixheart and again during the conflict at Seabed City.

The Weightless were one of several groups contacted through Orth Godlove's automated security protocols when he was kidnapped. They received the same message as the Chime did.

The Weightless were recently disbanded and reincorporated into the OriCon Expeditionary Force to form a new Queen's Gambit.

Notable Members

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