Tea Kenridge is the leader of the Queen's Gambit, a re-commissioned elite squadron of OriCon rigger pilots.

Tea served as commander of the original Queen's Gambit during The Golden War. At one point she had a relationship with Jace Rethal. As the war neared its conclusion she was assigned to the Joint OriCon/Diaspora taskforce under the command of her former pupil Orth Godlove. She took place in the Battle over the Sea of Counterweight. During this battle she briefly losted her resolve and moved to withdraw from the Taskforce to the main OriCon Fleet in orbit, but was convinced by Orth to remain and stay true to her mission.

After the Golden War, Tea was dishonorably discharged for failing to retrieve the Apostolosian super weapon for OriCon. Disillusioned in OriCon and holding a grudge against The Diaspora, she along with several members of the Queen's Gambit formed a mercenary group called the Weightless who operated on Counterweight.

Tea fought several battles against The Chime before being offered to return to the OriCon service. Prior to accepting this offer she met with Aria Joie and made peace with her, even going so far as to gift Aria her highly advanced Queen Custom Combat Rigger and The Panther's Beam Saber.

Additional Information

During the Holiday Special, Andi Clare takes on the role of Tea. It is established that in-world the actual character infiltrating Jace's memories of Tea is Jillian Red.[1]

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