Sokrates Nikon Artemisios is a scion of House Pelagios and the second child of the Apokine. They were a military research scientist prior to the Golden War.

During the war they were deeply involved in the Apostolosian War effort. However, their morals began to clash more and more with the tactics being utilized by Apostolosian forces, and eventually they learned of plans to develop a planet-destroying superweapon. This drove Sokrates to defect and bring this information to OriCon and The Diaspora.

They were a major figure in bringing together the joint taskforce led by Orth Godlove and Addax and acted as the head of the Apostolosian renegades from their ship, the Calliope.

After the war, Sokrates vanished from the public eye.

Spoiler: Current Status

Ten years after the war, during the time that The Chime were inside the memory den reliving Jace's memories from the Golden War, Sokrates became Candidate Enhydra of the Divine known as Integrity. Using Integrity, Sokrates (resisting the use of a candidate name) deposed the Apokine and reorganized the empire into the Golden Branch Demarchy.

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