The planet Slate lies in The Golden Branch Star Sector within The Diaspora's area of influence.  This heavily populated and highly industrialized world is The Diaspora's primary mining and manufacturing center for this sector.  Unsurprisingly this planet is under the direct control of The Diasporatic Department of Material Resources serving as their headquarters in the Golden Branch.  

The Divine Service is stationed at Slate and oversees the DDMR: SD.  Currently mandatory labor practices and strict rationing are in place to optimize production.  Services and the DDMR: SD justify these actions by pointing to the ongoing conflict in the sector. The Lux Vox Data Research Center and the Divine Loyalty vehemently oppose these measures and currently are engaged in a shadow campaign to destabilize Slate and wrest control form the DDMR: SD.

Slate lies under the protection of The Hands of Grace .