Based on the planet September, the eponymous September Institute is an OriCon research project that was created to find ways to disrupt or control Divines. At some point in their research they uncovered the existence of individuals who could sense and interact with machines in and instinctive and almost psychic manner. They dubbed these individual Strati (singular Stratus).

Through undisclosed means the Institute eventual determined how to induce and enhance these powers in certain children, creating individuals capable of mentally interfacing with and controlling computer systems, and even deceiving and subverting Divines.

Children are identified at birth as potential candidates to become Strati on the planet September and taken from their families to the September Institute.

The current Head of the September Institute is Superintendent Twelve.

Mako Trig was raised at the Institute and successfully completed the process of becoming a Stratus. However, he was eventually let go from the program for "not performing to expectations."