September is an OriCon controlled planet that is most well known as the home of the September Institute, as well as several recreational centers.

Appropriate to the home of the Branch's foremost center for the study and training of Strati, the Mesh on September--and particularly the largest city, the college town Mode City--is deeply interwoven with daily life.

September was previously known as Service II while under the control of the Diasporan Divine Service. Earlier still, September was an Apostolosian world. These influences are still evident in much of September's architecture, as is September's previous industry of large-scale sandstone mining.

September is a habitable, forested planet with polar ice caps. September's climate is warmly autumnal, and marked by rainstorms on enormous scales. The rain that falls on September is noticeably heavier than that of most other habitable planets, with a gel-like consistency.