Righteousness is the Divine of the Candidate (and self-proclaimed Executive) Ibex.

Unlike most Divines, Righteousness does not possess a single corporeal form, but is instead an operating system capable of controlling whatever devices or vehicles it is installed on. Currently, Ibex commands a fleet of hovertanks that operate independently of each other. Righteousness has also compromised Cassander's phone.

Additionally, Righteousness is different from other Divines in that it does not need a pilot to move towards its ideal's goals.

During the Golden War, Ibex uploaded Righteousness to the Kingdom Come, as well as the other ships in the fleet led by Orth Godlove.

Additional Notes

  • All Divines possesses the ability to create portals which lead to other Divines, each of them taking a unique shape. Righteousness's portal appears as a line of fire.