The Regent's Brillance is a highly customized Rook utilized by Aria Joie first in her role as an entertainer for EarthHome Entertainment then as a combat rigger in her time with The Chime.

The Brillance was originally designed to be an aerial performance rigger for stunt combat shows on JoyPark celebrating the OriCon armed forces and specifically the hero Jace Rethal.  To better perform this role the Rook's standard modular armor and joints were removed and replaced with a custom highly flexible joint system and a lightweight highly aerodynamic exterior shell.  A thruster system was also installed transforming the mech into a highspeed aerial unit.

For special effects a pair of head mounted autocannons were modified to fire pyrotechnics, and a series of speakers and lights were installed throughout The Brillance.

The Brillance is unarmed except for a beam saber that Aria has acquired.