The Rapid Evening is an enigmatic group with access to hypertech far more advanced than the other societies in the Golden Branch. They work to guide and control the technological development of all of the Golden Branch to unknown ends. They are believed to have bases of operations on Torru and Ziishe. Rumors persist that they have regressed and then stalled the technological progress on the world Kesh.

Fairchild Applied Sciences, the Odamas Fleet and Counterweight's Angels all have ties to the Rapid Evening.

The full extent of their abilities are unknown. Thus far they have displayed advanced stealth tech and compact zero-gee power armor capable of causing significant injury to a Divine.

At some point after the Golden War, Addax Dawn has joined their ranks.

Most recently, Petrichor Automedia has uncovered a number of their operations throughout the Golden Branch and are in the process of capturing or eliminating them. This includes the group known as Counterweight's Angels which has been effectively eradicated.

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