The Prinicpality of Kesh located on the planet Kesh is a xenophobic culture that appears to exist in an enforced state of technology closely resembling the 1800s of Earth. They are ruled by a complex system of princes and noble houses.


This page contains information that is by its nature a spoiler. If you do not wish to know the secrets of the Golden Branch Sector, please turn back.


In reality the Principality of Kesh was founded by surviving drones of Rigour who along with the ancient Divine were thrown into the Golden Branch by the detonation of the Stellar Combuster 20,00 years ago. These survivors studied parts of Rigour and developed extremely advanced technology from it before settling on Kesh and voluntarily choosing to adopt a less advanced society. Only members of the noble house are permitted to live on Kesh with the commoners of the Principality residing on the supertech world of Ziishe. The Rapid Evening are agents of the Principality who observe and interfere with the rest of the Golden Branch to try and prevent Rigour from regaining power.

After the September Incident the Principality chose to step out of the shadows and take a more active role in promoting peace in the Golden Branch and opposing the return of Rigour.

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