Orth Godlove is a retired soldier who fought in the Golden War for OriCon. He currently works as a mid-level bureaucrat for the Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy.

During his service in the Golden War Orth originally served as a Rigger pilot with a distinguished combat record eventually being assigned to the elite squadron The Queen's Gambit.

He was selected to lead the OriCon component of a joint OriCon/Diaspora taskforce. His command ship was the light frigate the Kingdom Come. Strangley Orth was appointed to this position over several other more capable candidates including his superior officer Tea Kenridge. While investigating how he was selected for this position he discovered that the taskforce was being sent on a suicide mission and he was placed in command to serve as a scapegoat when the mission failed.

Throughout the mission Orth was plagued with doubt and increasingly unsure in his suitability for command. Abdicating many of his responsibilities and increasingly relying on Ibex to make decisions for him. Eventually Orth came to the realization that he would have to step up to his responsibilities and regained control of the Fleet before the final battle over Counterweight.

After the end of the Golden War Orth retired and took a position in CCT as a regional administrator.

Orth hooked AuDy up with the partially decommissioned Kingdom Come, and is a primary source of jobs for the Chime.

At the time of his kidnapping by the Iron Choir, Orth had working relationships with Horizon Tactical Solutions, the Weightless, Jacqui Green & Jillian Red, and military outreach people in the Diaspora, as well as the Chime. His automated security protocol sent each an offer of 10 credits to locate him.

Since the dissolution of the CCT, Orth has taken an interest in helping the Chime against Ibex. He brought them to Jace Rethal's memory den, allowing them to learn more about Ibex and the events at the end of the Golden War. Additionally he elected to accompany them on their mission to September accepting the role of co-pilot of the Kingdom Come.

Austin is very cruel to Orth and Orth doesn't deserve that at all. Shame on you, Austin.

Additional Notes

  • In Episode 03, Austin describes Orth looking like actor Dennis Haysbert
  • In Episode 06, Austin describes Orth as looking like actor Laurence Fishburne

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