The Megalophile is an industrial rigger owned and operated by Cassander that has been rebuilt using a combination of Apostolosian and OriCon equipment to closely approximate a heavy ground combat Colossi. It was designed for medium- to extreme-range combat and artillery support. It is significantly larger than most riggers, almost twice the size of a standard Rook. Like most Colossi, the Megalophile's design resembles the armor of Ancient Greek warriors.

The Megalophile's primary armament is a heavy railgun that can punch through an enemy rigger before it can close to engage and which also functions as an anti-ship weapon. However, targeting becomes difficult once a smaller enemies reach close range.

A missile pod designed to fire salvos of guided missiles comprises the Megalophile's secondary weapon system.

Although the Megalophile does have a shield, it carries no melee weapons.

Additional Information

The name Megalophile is cobbled together from Greek and basically means "Big Buddy". You can write it in the Greek alphabet as Μεγαλοφίλε.

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