Mako Trig is a former member of the illustrious and dedicated September Institute. Stolen from their families at birth, September students know little of the world beyond the Wall. Mako, like many students at the September Institute, is an Induced Stratus, with the ability to Fog, which permits him to mentally infiltrate and manipulate most computer systems, including Divines. After eloping from the September Institute, Mako learned fast: how to lie, how to steal, how to shoot; hopefully, how to survive.

After arriving on Counterweight he fell in with the Chime and has inadvertently acquired ownership of a large group of industrial riggers and a Ring of Saturn flightboard.

Inspiration for Mako's appearance was partially taken from the character Bren Turner from Lost Planet E.X. Troopers.


Mako along with many other students at The September Institute was secretly a clone created using the modified DNA of Maryland September by The September Institute under Superintendent Twelfth as experiments about the capabilities of Strati. Mako was allowed to leave The September Institute as a further experiment

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