Liberty Unit online.
Discovery Unit online.
The Second Divine has awoken and now it remembers.

Liberty & Discovery are the only known Divines to function as a pair in the way that they do, and are also the only known Divines to abstain from candidacy (after the events of Episode 27).

Some time during the time that the Divines are locked on September with Rigor, Liberty breaks away from the pair, unable to bear the imprisonment due to its nature.

Additional Notes

  • In Episode 27: An Animal Out of Context Liberty and Discovery is described as a 13', green rigger with a ring of green lights on its wrist with one red light pointing North and HOTAS controls. Its right arm is equipped with a hand while the left arm ends in a magnetic bolt that Chital used to operate the projectile saw. Its boosters emitted a lilac glow when used. Whether it retains this form after millennia have passed remains unknown.
  • All Divines possesses the ability to create portals which lead to other Divines, each of them taking a unique shape. Liberty and Discovery's portal resembles a literal door appearing in space.

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