"It's a Gazer-class ship. Plenty of room in there. I stuck my neck out for this, AuDy." Orth Godlove

The Kingdom Come is a partially-decommissioned OriCon Gazer-class Light Frigate that serves as the mobile base of the Chime. AuDy is its current captain.

Orth Godlove was the Kingdome Come's captain during the Golden War. Since the war, most of the Kingdom Come's weapons and its FTL drive have since been removed, making it unsuitable for large-scale combat and interstellar travel.

It is a large ship, capable of housing both the Regent's Brilliance and the Megalophile, and has been retrofitted with a small sickbay with basic operating equipment, a functional kitchen, and beds.

The name is a callback to the previous season of Friends at the Table, in which a notorious pirate and recurring foe of the party captained a ship named the Kingdom Come.