Opening Narration/Flash Forward

44 months after the September Incident:
Chief Emergency Executive Orth Godlove slides calmly across the temple floor, stepping between broken columns of polished sandstone and waiting carefully in the shadows of solemn statues. He’d snuck away from so much: his security detail, the photo drones, the Earthhome mega-star assigned to be his guide during his visit.
The entertainment company, still struggling in the year since Petrichor’s hostile takeover, had petitioned him to come see their new and improved Joypark, a last ditch attempt to get in his good graces. But Orth had made up his mind years ago, “Come on, Cass, you know I don’t have all day for this.”
[Art as Cass:] “You’re not the only busy person here, Orth.”
“Good to see you.”
“Good to see you.”
He looks around at the ruined temple, “It’s beautiful in here. I’m sorry we… War is terrible, but this is, this is something else entirely.”
“I don't think it is. I think this is just a terrible consequence of a terrible war.”
He grins, “You are a very noble and humble leader, Apokine.” And he does a little fake bow.
[Art/Cass laughing]
“Anyway, I have the paper. It’s all settled, a couple of signatures, stamps, I don't know what you all use.”
“We sign our names in Apostalos too.”
He reaches into an inside pocket and pulls out a couple of papers and hands them over to you.
“I’m so relieved that there's not going to be a big ceremony. I’m so tired of ceremony at this point.”
“It’s the worst isn't it? It’s nice to be able to make things better, but sometimes I think the pomp gets in the way.”
“Anyway, it’s yours.”
“What a...what a project.”
“Good luck, there's a lot of garbage on this planet that needs cleaning up.”
“Do you happen to have a forwarding address for Aria? I think she’d like some of all this stuff.”

Episode Description

"It is with great joy and humility that we make the debut of this machine today. For so long, so many have struggled here on the frontier. Food is scarce, and time is even more precious. A hard day of labor is something to be proud of, but it does not yet stretch far enough. Soon, though, we will thrive, prosper, and if we work with dedication and vigor, we may even profit."
—Chief Engineer Irene Klipsch-Dove, 100 years before the activation of the first Stellar Combustor
This week on COUNTER/Weight: The Storm Over September
The difference is something to do with the sound
Or partly to do with the color

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