May the bridges we burn light our way.

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The first stellar-combustors were activated just decades after the death of Chital, final candidate of Liberty and Discovery. They were lit by a desperate fleet. Dropped behind them as they fled at super high speeds through a carefully calculated escape route. The explosions propelled the fleet further and though some were lost the bulk of the Automated Diaspora survived, never stopping to look back at the destruction they had left in their wake. But over 60,000 years later, the second time the bomb dropped, it was impossible not to watch.

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20,000 years before The Chime met on Counterweight, long before the Golden War against Apostolos, the Automated Diaspora devised a plan to stop Rigor once and for all, and at great cost...
This week on COUNTER/Weight: Visions from Windows, Or: The Last Time the Bomb Dropped
Alright, alright. Now back to work!

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