Episode 35

Opening Narration

An excerpt from “These Mundane Gods: A Treatise on the Diasporan Divines in the Golden Era” by Dr. Jace Rethal:
Throughout the length of the Orion arm, even the most ambitious academics and hobbyist historians have long accepted that there is no way to know the truth about the so-called Divines that tower over the history of the Automated Diaspora.
What were they fundamentally? Tools of labour or war put to the supposed public good? Machine gods worshipped at the most naive of alters? The first true alien life? Or something even less knowable than that?
The answer, I propose, can be found in the work done by Dr. Maryland September and Attar Rose, also known as the Candidate Ibex. This remains a complicated matter. On the one hand their invention laid the foundation for the abuses and tragedies of the late era September Institute. We cannot shrink from this point. But with notes and other materials made recently available, we can now also say their work has provided the most valuable insight to date on what may be the single most important invention since antiquity. No point is more important than the one laid out by Dr. September herself in a private memo sketched soon after Attar Rose left the institute for the final time.
“The Divines,” she wrote, “have always been little more than the shadows of the Automated Diaspora itself. Their metallic bodies the physical infrastructure of the state. Their bright eyes the policy plans that shape the daily lives of Diasporic citizens. Their weapons a reflection of the nation's xenophobia elitism. And their pilots, dressed up in rhetoric, symbolic sacrifices so the average Diasporan dare not take the blame themselves.”
Over just a few months September and Rose sought to invert this on it’s head. If there had to be mechanistic deities of democracy, they figured, then the gods themselves should have a voice.

Featured Players

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