"Everybody here is in tremendous danger."

Opening Narration

On its first night, students and workers from Mode City pulsed through the Bacchus Biotech Recreational District like hungry blood cells, finally able to devour the nutrients and proteins they'd only seen in the neurovids.

Above them the so-called Pleasure Dome—a suggestive, energetic pink—blasted out imported vibrancy. This was the trade Sinner Twelt had made. His opponents said that he'd sold the planet out. His mentors called him arrogant. His workers doubted that their young leader had their interests at heart. But he did. And he silenced his own doubt with the fact that the people of Service II had dug themselves out from under a Divine once. A couple of civilians from the Diaspora with good connections were nothing in comparison.

And they brought opportunity. Their world will not be the provincial joke it was when he was born on it. It would have culture. It would have a reputation. There would be a way forward.

And so Sinner Twelt bought his opponents. He disavowed his mentors and silenced the workers who dared speak out. He took the bastardized name the outsiders used for him, but in exchange he found a new name for the planet. It couldn't be Service II anymore. Instead: September. And he felt relieved when the outsider took it as her name too. And relieved further when the contracts came, and the shopping centers, and the new streets, and the university.

But now, in the light of that gaudy dome, he realized he should have asked for more.

Episode Description

As The Chime makes their way towards The September Institute, they find that they'll need more than style and wit to get past the campus gates. In the years that have passed since Mako's time as a student, who remains for him to count on and at what will they ask in return? As the storm swells over September, time becomes more and more precious...
This time on COUNTER/Weight: Expertize with a Z
Keep it wavy, baby

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