Episode 20

Opening Narration

On the night before it happens.
Orth, brown, pocked face, his large stature turned inwards, hidden and unsure on the chaise in the officer's lounge. Tea, a bright spike of golden hair topping a perfectly worn uniform and the weight of the ship on her shoulders. Natalya, round eyes looking over round glasses at the info screen, wondering how much she can let the others know. Sokrates, the second prince, standing firm and sleek and  alone on the Apostalisian cruiser. When will they listen? Addax, his plum hair neatly styled, his tan skin taut with purpose. And Peace around him, ever threatening. And Jace, poor Jace, his soft, light face, his compact body drawn even tighter under the stress. A clarity of vision and quiet fear. And Ibex... And Ibex...

Featured Players

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