Episode Description

The Chime takes off towards the abandoned dome to carry out their mission: Deceive Sister Rust and steal a mysterious golden orb from her Iron Choir. Unfortunately for them, they're not the only ones en route to Seabed City. Aria loses her footing, Cass confronts a truly awesome presence, Mako puts his training to the test, and AuDy makes a sacrifice.

This week on COUNTER/Weight: "Metal That Has Died Twice"

Ready to pull the trigger?

Plot Synopsis

AuDy, Cass, and Mako fly with Tungsten in the Kingdom Come towards Seabed City, following the abandoned railway. Aria follows behind them in the Regent’s Brilliance. As they approach, skirting a no-fly zone, they see the divine Order (which was once Peace) rising up out of the broken dome.

When they land, they are taken to Sister Rust, who welcomes them, saying that AuDy is “one of [them],” even if they don’t know it. AuDy tries and fails to convince Sister Rust that OriCon is mounting an attack on the city. Sister Rust calls their bluff.

While Aria waits outside the city, her scanners pick up several Liberty and Discovery Automatic Corp drones, which fly over the city.

AuDy says that they have come to give Sister Rust a gift, and tears off one of their antennae, calling it “metal that has died twice.” They then tell Sister Rust that they came for the orb, and she says that she can’t give it to them. Before the Chime can go search for it, the ships overhead start to attack the city. These forces include Territory Jazz, who is controlling the drones with his keyfield suit.

Mako forces his way into Order, and as he walks through its museum-like halls, the last image he sees is of two pilots reaching out towards a golden orb.

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