Opening Narration

For as long as Jacqui Green and Jillian Red can remember, they were a harmony. Back when they met on distant, cold Kalliope, they pulled the driving synth sound of neurotech dance beats over them like a blanket. On their first contract, they danced a clumsy, violent waltz through Fairchild Headquarters, but each misstep only drew them closer together in rhythm.

Now chasing their biggest score yet, they move to a beat only they can hear—one made of gunshots and bionic arms, hard cash, and the very sharpest of smiles.

Episode Description

Even though they're not quite sure what it is (or what they should do with it), the Chime continues to track down the mysterious Gnosis virus. Cass and Mako dive deeper into the Horizon Tactical Solutions R&D labs, Aria Joie runs into a fan, and AuDy enjoys the algorithmically handcrafted atmosphere of the most corporate coffeeshop franchise in the galaxy. But they're not the only ones on the case...
This week on COUNTER/Weight: "Our Customer of the Month"
Let's dance!

Featured Players

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