"The bells are ringing!"- Aria Joie

Episode 04

Episode Synopsis

AuDy and Cass enter the room in which Cene is being held some two floors down from the catwalk they're on. AuDy jumps down from the catwalk and pretends to be a malfunctioning robot, drawing the attention of Cene’s guards. Cass takes the opportunity to move down to Cene and finds them entranced in front of a set of monitors.

Jorne reveals to Aria and Mako that they’ve rediscover some ancient technology buried on Ionias that might allow for better A.I. operation. He leads them to the server room where AuDy’s body remains on the floor and Aria spots Cass picking up Cene. The guards grow suspicious of Mako and Aria, and while Mako is able to convince them he is innocent, they identify Aria immediately.

Aria draws and fires her gun to try and intimidate the guards, but ends up getting her hand shot. Using their remote link, Cass fires the Megalophile’s missiles at the facility and creates a hole in the wall. AuDy uses the panic to take out one of the guard’s legs. 

Another guard takes Aria as a hostage, so Mako throws his water as a distraction. This gets Mako shot in the chest, but Aria manages to break the guard’s hold and knock him out. Cass scares off the last guard then escapes with Cene in the Megalophile while Aria and AuDy escape on the Brilliance. While making their escape, Aria and AuDy are attacked by a chasing car operated by security forces from Snowtrak, though Aria loses them in the city streets.

Mako- still masquerading as a buyer- manages his way back to the reception area and gets an ambulance.

With Cene on the ship, Cass calls upon their experience as a field medic and treats what they recognize as a type of psychological dissociation. Aria’s wounds overwhelm her, so she is taken to Koda, who manages to save her but has to replace her arm.

When Cene wakes up, they thank the Chime and describe what they were working on: some data that implied the A.I. Snowtrak found was a divine. When AuDy contacts Orth to confirm the job is complete, they don’t reveal this bit of information, though Orth suspects that AuDy is holding something back.

As Mako is recovering in the hospital, Jorne comes to visit him and reveals that he knows that Mako was using an assumed identity. Mako confirms this and then agrees to pay for the robots, which Jorne is happy to catch on tape.

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