Cassander: Mark.
—Cassander Timaeus Berenice

Episode 02

As Aria distracts the enemy riggers, AuDy manages to escape the battle by maneuvering the Kingdom Come through some mag-lev trains.

Working on information they gathered from the kiosk, Cass and Mako go lower into the Rethal-Addax Spaceport in pursuit of Shell Lotz. They come upon a hanger where a large spaceship is docked along with two riggers. Spotting Shell working on one of the riggers, Cass shoots the hover scaffolding holding him up, causing him to tumble down.

As Cass goes to pick him up, the rigger with the queen insignia on its chest begins to move. Cass makes Shell reveal that his team took Cene to Snowtrak just as the queen rigger begins its attack. With Shell as hostage though, the rigger blows up the other one and uses it as a distraction to escape.

AuDy approaches the spaceport just in time to see the queen rigger shoot out of the hanger and head towards the battle. They send a warning to Aria then drop down to pick up Cass, Mako, and Shell, who remains a hostage. AuDy flies out and notices that the large ship inside the hanger has powered on and is in pursuit.

The knight rigger blinds Aria with the light of a plasma blade, which Aria immediately recognizes as the very same one used by Jace Rethal. She opens up communications to attempt to find out it who it is, but is rebuffed. She then fires off her rigger’s fireworks and baffles the enemy riggers’ sensors to buy herself time.

Cassander drops out of the Kingdom Come in the Megalophile and manages to grab the queen’s attention before it meets up with the rest of its team. Mako fogs both the queen and the pursuing ship from the Kingdom Come, disabling the forward momentum on both and leaving them open for attack. AuDy takes the opportunity to land a shot against the queen. Finding themselves outmatched, the opposing team gathers itself and retreats.

The episode closes on Cene in a pristine lab, focused on lines of code on multiple displays.

Featured Players

Additional Notes

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