Divines are the primary weapons of the Autonomous Diaspora. They are semi-autonomous intelligent machines, each embodying a specific virtue or principle. Unlike the robotic weapons of OriCon and Apostolos, Divines are piloted by bonded individuals chosen by the Divines themselves. These pilots are known as Candidates.

Divines vary greatly in size and appearance. Many possess the form of large, humanoid figures of various heights, but there are Divines that are similar to Hoplite power armor (Integrity), and even those without a corporeal form that exist as programming within other machines (Righteousness).

It is difficult to match the power of a Divine: a single one may possess the capability of facing an entire OriCon capital fleet. Their unique nature also makes bypassing their programming nearly impossible. During the Golden War, the September Institute developed a method of directly accessing and altering a Divine's operations known as "fogging", but this process requires specialized neural cyberware and intensive training.

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